Paula Blank International Retained Executive Search
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What impressed me most about working with Paula Blank is the care she gave to matching our needs to prospective candidates and in the diligence showed in following up on some ideas that were presented to her by our Board that came from ‘left field.’ In our case this led to the hire of a non-executive Director for our Board as well as the hire of our CEO. In addition, Paula was extremely thorough and honest in her appraisals of the candidates.”
Robert James
Prelude Ventures Ltd.

The Search Process

Every search is different. Every client has unique needs. From developing the search strategy to the final negotiation, we work closely with you to find the best possible candidate for each position.

Step 1: Analyzing Your Needs
Our strategic hiring consulting includes extensive on-site interviews with senior management to understand your company philosophy, management style and culture. Analyze responsibilities and expertise required for the position within the context of your company's current and future needs. Identify industries to target and define geography.

Step 2: Preparing Documents for Potential Candidates
Preparation of a detailed position description and a company summary for prospective candidates and networking sources.

Step 3: Conducting the Search
We tap into our extensive network to identify sources and prospective candidates. Present list of 8-10 qualified professionals to you. Interview candidates and write profiles. Narrow candidate pool to 3-5 candidates.

Step 4: Checking References and Recommending Candidates
Candidate reports include history of career paths, accomplishments, skills, management style, education, interests, family commitments and an assessment of the "fit" with your company and its culture. Thoroughly check references on final candidates, contacting superiors, peers and subordinates in addition to our own "unsolicited" references.

Step 5: Final Negotiations and Planning
Develop a compensation and relocation package and assist in final negotiations. Provide additional counsel for spouse's career consideration and any other special family needs.

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